The air is fresh & the sky is clear. 'Welcome to another winter in Tasmania.' We have foggy mornings frequently, magnificent (short) calm clear sunny days mostly, morning temperatures hovering in the low single digits, sometimes in the negative range, the multi-layer clothes are on & we get on with enjoying our beautiful state!

Meanwhile, I have had a bit of a rethink about my work. I have headed back to portraiture, my first 'true love' in art. Not entirely of course, I still love landscapes, but there is something intriguing about people, and I just get so much pleasure out of seeing reactions to portraits. Its certainly not about making a dollar! And I certainly won't be able to produce large quantities, as painting portraitures takes a great many hours.

I have decided it is part of my 'legacy' and my desire to practice to become 'really good' at portraiture. I mean, really good, in the style of the old Masters - I may not be, but I will keep having a go. I love artists work such as Ahn Doh's loose portraits, but I am in raptures of more traditional art.

I have asked a few family members to be my models. It is a way of me being able to practice, but mainly doing something special & 'giving back' to people I love. There is so much for me in this process, and I love that I can make people so happy!

Sometimes I wonder though, where does this come from? Where did I get the talent from? Where does anyone get a 'talent' from? I have few family members with artistic 'streak'. My Auntie Bev, is a beautiful Botanical Artist, but as far as I know, not many more other than a few very distant relatives I believe like to dabble, but I haven't seen their work... So, where does it come form? Am I 'chanelling' someone as a spiritual friend suggested? I have painted for close on 20 years, so it is part dedicated practice, but I feel truly blessed.. I keep wondering "Did I really do that?" Its a thill for me to be able to create, I really do love it. I don't know why, so I will continue to paint as long as I get such pleasure on so many different levels.

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