End of 2018

It has been a quiet year for painting. I have finished one detailed portrait of my dear friend Mary, who I studied Midwifery with way back in 1979! We have been friends all this time, and Mary agreed reluctantly to pose for me. I am very glad to report she is thrilled with her portrait. And I am very happy to get a good comments from a trusted professional Artist Teacher, who found only a few small things I could have improved on, but mostly thought I did ‘a pretty good job’. The praise comes after many many hours of work on this portrait, so I am happy and grateful.

I have had a mixed year on a personal front, with many things getting in the way of painting. Major travel, other study, personal illness, and many trips to see my sick mother in law. Bless her, she will be a wonderful portrait study - and she isn’t here any more (sadly) to say “No!” But now life has settled once more, and I am ‘relaunching’ back in to painting!

Last week I completed an intensive one month workshop focussing on drawing and then on painting, mainly in the style of the artist Bouguereau. The workshop was conducted locally by an international Artist, Martinho Correia, who teaches in Italy, Portugal, Canada and other places. He guided us in theory and practice of Old Masters, my absolute all-time favourite area of painting. I felt very fortunate for the experience & to work in a group of rather talented people. I really feel like I’ve been shown the way to improve my work. I now know how to finish to a higher level, so my paintings from this workshop I will display in ‘in progress’ section, will evolve over coming weeks towards a more finished product.

Christmas is almost upon us, and I will suffice by dreaming up my next painting projects and planning my time after the New Year, to waste no time making painting a major part of my schedule. To have a ‘rounded’ life, I still have lots of other things on the go, including finishing a ‘Writing Family History’ Diploma this coming year.

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